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Our Process
Combine technology with a team of professionals


Integrated Technology

Online booking tools 

We use intelligent technology to provide the best fare available worldwide ensuring you maximize your savings.

We use the best booking tools that enable us to provide flight tickets, hotels, rent-a-car and rail for mostly any destination and any point of departure.

We store the travel data and process reports that enable us to present an overview of your travel performance and actionable insights.
Track expenses
Our technology enables us to track travel expenses, analyse traveler and travel arranger behaviour and highlight both individual examples of, and trends around non-compliance. 
Mobile app
We offer a mobile app, for on the way itinerary management, a duty of care dashboard, traveler tracking for the travel program manager to anticipate disruptions and provide support.
Team of professionals
Dedicated team

Our consultants, with an extensive experience in all aspects of corporate travel management can provide any travel services, while delivering the highest standard in customer care.

Depending on each corporate’s generated travel volume, Business Travel provides a dedicated team of 3-9 professional consultants.

To all of the above, add their professional attitude oriented towards achieving the best results and their willingness to do everything to help you. The years of teamwork led to the formation of a cohesive team, helping them to make quick, competent decisions.

Know how

Our team is composed of 50 plus high-qualified, long-experienced and dedicated professionals, eager to get the best results, excellent English speakers and proficient in other 5 languages, able to coordinate several projects at the same time. We pride ourselves on the quality of our travel consultants, their industry knowledge averaging 15-year experience, many of them with airline operational background, continuously specialized through courses held in Romania and abroad (i.e. USA, Netherlands, France, Italy). In an industry where everything can change in a heartbeat, only knowledgeable and competent staff can adapt quickly enough, therefore Business Travel regularly invests in their training.

Duty of care
Our approach to travel management considers Duty of care one of the top priorities. Any disruption that may happen will be tackled head on as we can pinpoint travelers’ locations anywhere in the world in real time. Our tools will enable travel managers to communicate and find solutions for emergencies using BT 24/7 assistance protocol.
Team of profesionals
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Billing transparency
Dedicated team
24/7 assistance
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