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Interested in lowering you travel spend?

Savings Simulator

Getting corporate travelers to their destination safely, securely and hassle-free is at the core of the business travel industry. In order to improve client`s performance and efficiency your provider should do it in the most businesslike, cost-effective way possible, giving you access to the very best deals, booking technologies and reporting services. A business travel provider doesn’t just process travel bookings, the service is based on understanding and experience, from full service and low-cost carriers to hotels, domestic and international rail providers, ground transportation & visas.

This is the reason many of the market’s leading companies are switching to a managed travel services model.

BUSINESS TRAVEL will put every element of your travel program under the microscope, including your relationships with airlines, hotels and other suppliers, and the booking behavior of employees.

You’ll also start thinking bigger, when we redefine your objectives, and introduce new tools, policies and processes to get you there. We’ll help your travelers through the journey, educating them to make better booking decisions.

How we do that…

Dedicated account management teams use analytics to consolidate spend, coordinate local and global pricing models and use every available saving opportunity. We specialize in consolidating spend across international markets, especially for clients with different policies, practices and cultures. We make their travel program as agile as possible by anticipating traveler's needs and tailoring the available options accordingly.

Our technology enables us to track travel expenses, analyze traveler and travel arranger behavior and highlight individual examples and trends around of non-compliance. We then work with our clients to minimize further non-compliance by re-educating travelers and monitoring their satisfaction levels. We have the tech infrastructure, people and systems to fulfil local, regional and global travel programs seamlessly. We combine pro-active account management with great service and a flexible way of working, adapting local approach to global knowledge.

Our creative approach extends to fare and cost savings, based on our local bargaining power and drawing on the collective experience of our global network to make your travel budget go further. Based on our 25 years of experience with clients and suppliers all over the world, we developed an algorithm that will give you a glimpse on how much you can save on your business travel program.

Try our savings simulator her:

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