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BUSINESS TRAVEL, one of the industry leaders in Corporate Travel Management, is pleased to announce the recent launch of a new website and rebranding.

Business Travel recently launched a new website ( and a new brand design. The new site is refreshed and easier to navigate, which complements BUSINESS TRAVEL’s modernized proposal. In an effort to make the web site dynamic and interactive we’ve build the Savings Simulator as well as a list of some of our future events.

“BUSINESS TRAVEL is well-known for the high level of service as well as the cutting-edge technology used to provide savings to our customers so it was important to have a place on the website that would showcase our sought-after content. BUSINESS TRAVEL is the only corporate travel agency in Romania providing a Savings Simulator on its web-site. The Simulator has been designed to provide users with an estimation of potential cost savings based upon the provision of multiple choice questions with predefined answer options as laid out in the Simulator. The Simulator provides a savings estimation based upon predefined values attributed to each answer., said Roxana Ilinca, Director of Marketing.

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